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I just upload my artwork whenever only because I am SUPER freaking lazy to do it! xD
I happily take requests if you so wish for me to do one! :3
(If you already submitted a request to me, please message me the request again because most likely I forgot about it and never did it (sorry!) but I will get it done now! :3


Adding favorites is one of the best things to do on DA, I love adding stuff to my long list of favorites!


Animefan67 here back again on DA (finally!). So it is currently summer and I have the time to actually start uploading my recent artwork once again! I have stuff from 2013 I think(?) to STILL upload! xD So be expecting some stuff from me in your DA subscription box? See it's been that long that I don't even know what it's called! xD
I will also be putting all of the old stuff I uploaded that I really don't like anymore in it's own folder, so, that's where it will disappear to if you care to know :P
Uh, what else what else...?
The new stuff I will be uploading will be character concepts, sketches and such for the story I am currently working on. Lot's of my OC's, that you guys haven't met yet, artwork will be out there. (I have a LOT of stuff for my OC's!)
Just throwing it out there though, it is great to be back here on DA and I'm excited to see what you guys think of my newer stuff, because that older stuff was from, like, what, 2009 or something like that? Oh well!

With that you guys, I'm going to go ahead and get out of here and start drawing more stuff. Thanks for being patient with me and sticking around, it is truly appreciated! With that, I'm out! Bai-ne~!
  • Listening to: Alice Madness Returns Soundtrack
  • Reading: Koisuru Boukun and Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi
  • Watching: Baka and Test and, of course, YouTube!
  • Playing: Pokemon X


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United States
O Hai!

My name is Alice. How are you doing this lovely day?:heart: Honestly, there isn't much to day about me. So I just wrote down a bunch of random fun facts and what not! :3

These are some of the animes I have watched (and manga I have read) at this point in time (06/14/14)
:bulletblack: Death Note
:bulletpink: Shugo Chara!
:bulletred: Negima?!
:bulletpink: Tokyo Mew Mew
:bulletorange: Hamtaro
:bulletyellow: Animal Academy:Hakobune Hakusho (Manga)
:bulletpurple: Chibi Vampire/Karin
:bulletred: Vampire Knight
:bulletblue: Heart no Kuni no Alice/Alice in the Country of Hearts
:bulletblack: Loveless
:bulletwhite: InuYasha
:bulletred: Trigun
:bulletblack: D.N Angel
:bulletblue: Lucky Star
:bulletblue: Ouran High School Host Club
:bulletblack: Kimi Ni Todoke
:bulletblack: Black Butler
:bulletorange: Hetalia
:bulletpink: Me and My Brothers (Manga)
:bulletblack: GunGrave
:bulletpink: Baka and Test
:bulletred: Full Metal Alchemist
:bulletyellow: Soul Eater
:bulletpink: Arisa (Manga)
:bulletblack: Koisuru Boukun
:bulletpink: Junjou Romantica
:bulletpink: Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi
:bulletgreen: Yotsuba&! (Manga)
:bulletred: A Devil and Her Love Song (Manga)
:bulletwhite: Wolf's Rain
:bulletpurple: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
:bulletwhite: Pandora Hearts
:bulletpink: Otomen (Manga)
:bulletpink: Oresama Teacher (Manga)
:bulletred: Mirai Nikki
:bulletblack: Attack on Titan
:bulletblue: Blue Exorcist
:bulletblue: K-On!
:bulletblack: Sword Art Online
:bulletyellow: Sailor Moon
:bulletred: RWBY (YouTube Series)
:bulletred: Corpse Party (Game)
:bulletpurple: Vampire Game (Manga)
:bulletpink: Kitchen Princess (Manga)

Don't worry, I still have a LONG list of stuff to watch! :D

I also spend just about all day-everyday watching YouTube, so we could geek/nerd out talking about our favorite YouTubers! :3

My YouTube Channel:…
My Twitter:
My FanFiction:…

Um... What else can I say...? I guess I'll just throw out some random facts or whatever? lol xD

:bulletblue: Alice is not my real name, but it is a name I prefer to go by :3
:bulletblack: My favorite colors are blue, black, purple, and dark red.
:bulletpurple: My favorite animals are wolves, foxes, rabbits, and dormmice. Dormice are SO CUTE~! 8(>///<)8
:bulletred: I went to my first convention this year (2014) and it was Comicpalooza! It was freaking awesome! :D
:bulletblue: I like small, cute things! They are my weakness! (*^*)
:bulletblack: I have the worst luck ever... -_-
:bulletpurple: I am currently studying Japanese! Konnichiwa! Watashi-wa, Arisu Ridderru. (Hello! My name is Alice Liddel)
:bulletred: I love writing stories and creating a bunch of characters with back stories and interests even if I don't ever use them!
:bulletblue: I love anything sweet!
:bulletblack: I am a yaoi fangirl! (>///<)
:bulletpurple: My dream is to go to Japan one day.
:bulletred: I went to a Breathe Carolina concert this year (2014) for my birthday. And let me just say, I've been waiting for 6 years to see them in concert and the wait was TOTALLY and COMPLETELY worth it!!! 8(>w<)8
:bulletblue: I've had the same pair of converse for 4 years now. They are black and HAD rainbows with white clouds on them... now they are just black with dull rainbows and gray clouds...
:bulletblack: I have OCD. It's not terribly bad, but the OCD does kick in depending on certain things. For example, what goes where on the lunch trays at school. I instinctively move the items where they need to be without even realizing it.
:bulletpurple: One of my goals is to watch every Studio Gjibli movie ever made.
:bulletred: Believe it or not, I like dark, depressing things. I am also a big fan of the 'horror' genre. I love creepy instrumental music. It can just be so mysterious and can be interpreted in any way. One of my favorite books, even though it's not scary at all, is 'The Devouring'. Just the thought of your body getting taken over by a spirit and your soul going to the place in your mind where all your fears rest is...fascinating.

Well on that note, that's all I can think of right now, until next time. Bai-ne~

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GUYS! I CAN'T ACCESS MY ACCOUNT ANYMORE (Animefan67) AND I HAD TO CREATE A NEW ONE (though I wanted to anyway...) So I was just letting everyone know! :3
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I'm doing ok, just got back from vacation and got a really bad sunburn >o<
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Have a nice day or evening ! 
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Oh no problem! Sorry for the late reply, I finally found the time to get back on DA due to summer! ^^"
And I have subscribed to your channel and am excited to see more of your work! :3
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